Wave 59

Wave 59
(above) Wave 59: a Ghost, Spymaster, Crossfire, Scourge, Guardsman, Lightmaster and Midnight Sun
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Friday, 1 February 2013

 'What if the CMFC included the Marvel
 characters you always wanted?'

 Welcome to the Virtual CMFC Gallery
 The virtual gallery is a research centre and
 a fun, fantasy space where you can view
 realistic simulations of CMFC figurines.
 If you are a CMFC collector and fan,
 here you will be able to:

 1. Create your CMFC extensions
  including the characters you want,
 and show them to the world

 2. Create your CMFC team packs
 and thematic subsets
 to feature in the virtual gallery

 3. View the main Virtual CMFC Gallery
 where your favorite characters are showcased in
 virtual CMFC format, providing inspiration and a
 new visual way to campaign for their inclusion
 in the real collection

 4. Enjoy weekly updates
 giving you up to 7 new characters each week.
 Our mission is to become the ultimate, most complete
 visual archive of Marvel characters in CMFC format

 5. Read articles covering character history,
 concept and design, exploring the reasons why
 a character should be included in the CMFC

 Our slogan is: 'Long live the CMFC ... until all
 of our favorite characters have been included'